Snorkeling Tours

1 Hour Guided Snorkeling Tour

The 1 hour guided tour is perfect for those who have not snorkeled before or who have limited swimming skills. It is also great for those who just want to learn more ¬†about the marine life and snorkeling around Catalina. Lover’s Cove is a protected area that guarantees you will see a lot of life. It is like swimming in an aquarium.


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The tour includes all gear. Groups range between 2-8 participants. Following the 1 hour with your guide, you may explore on your own for a second tour at no additional charge.


1 Hour Guided Night Snorkeling Tour

Check out the night life on Catalina with a guided snorkel tour after dark at Lovers Cove. A lot of life that stays hidden during the day comes out at night. If you are adventurous and want to see for yourself what life wanders the reef after dark, join us for a night snorkeling adventure. Prior snorkeling experience required.


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